Saturday, August 9, 2008

I got an “F” in wedding registry class.

Today, my fiancé and I decided to jet to the mall in order to create our first wedding registry together. Now, I realize the rule of thumb is to create it six months out but we thought with the upcoming engagement party, that maybe we should just have one or two in case people asked.

Over the last four months, we’ve kept a wish list of ideas of things that we need like a rolling pin, a mixer, and banana holder. The list is not very long, just a sheet on the fridge that contained 9 or so items. At least, we thought, we had a game plan so we weren’t floundering around in a store.

So there we are, with list in hand and scanner (or the “gun” as the boys like to call it), combing over one my favorite kitchen stores looking at mixers, cookware and other elaborate kitchen gadgets that I didn’t realized existed. A mango pitter to asparagus peeler, we laughed our way through the store for an hour an a half.

Happy with our selection, we turned our “gun” back to the store clerk who pulled up our list of items. Her face went from joyful to one of concern. “How many people are you inviting?” she asked.

My fiancé and I sheepishly said some number.

“Well you’re going to need more gifts than this!” she declared before lecturing us for the next ten minutes on how many gifts your register for (at least one per guest to give options), how many stores you register at (two or three…again with the options) and most importantly – you should pick items that will make your guest FEEL GOOD about buying it for you.


Now granted, she was right in some aspects. We did need more items than the now pitiful 18 things we lovingly picked out but in our defense, we were just getting started. And it was my fault that we had a short list. I stopped our world tour of the kitchen store because I had a feeling that came over me that I could not shake. It wasn’t until the moment with "teacher" Janice that I pinpointed my mood.

The feeling was guilt.

And now, finding out that we were ignorant in the "registering for gifts" department did not help me feel any better. I left the store ashamed and turned to my beloved to ask – “Did we just get an F in gift registry?”

He assured me that we apparently had by retail standards.

I can tell that this process of the wedding planning will be an uphill battle for me. Some of my friends have enjoyed the gift side of the wedding process. While that’s nice for them, it is not how I operate. For instance, at the beginning of our engagement, I asked if our alcohol budget could be donated to the local boys’ home instead resulting in a dry wedding.

My idea was denied by family and friends.

Needless to say…my fiancé and I will try again, thinking of gifts that someone may want to give us while feeling warm and fuzzy about their purchase. I ask for your forgiveness in advance if they’re slightly dull (cookie sheet) or practical (measuring cups) and know that our “splurges” (mixer) but silly items (fish lifter – the one item that I will buy if no one buys this for us) does have a great deal of thought placed into it’s spot on our registry.

I guess I’m more of a practical bride than I thought.

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twyla said...

every good breakfast nook needs measuring cups and cookie sheets :) are you kidding me?! at least these are items i KNOW you will use! so, thank you for being practical. but thank you also for not having a dry wedding :) (although i would have still come! haha)