Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The fish out of water

Here we go, back for another monthly installment from the groom's perspective.

Last Friday Amanda and I experienced the first of our parties - this being our engagement party hosted by our supper club friends the Rabb's, Gadus's, Bauer's and Ringo's. As I mentioned in my short "speech" to thank everyone for coming it's a little weird for a pair of event planners to come to an event that is thrown for them that they had no part in planning.

Heaven knows Amanda has had more than enough practice in planning showers, parties, festivals, color guard routines and I've planned my fair share of sporting events (not real big on showers - surprised?). So to be at an event for you, that you had no hand it was, well kinda cool. First off, having been to several similar events, you are always happy for the happy couple. But to BE the happy couple and see all these people come to wish you well is very, very special. And we understand that not everyone makes this event, or will make the showers, or will make the wedding (8 months from today) and that's perfectly fine. Simply knowing everyone is in your corner means a lot.

So cheers to "The Supper Club" for starting our wedding season off on a great note.

Now, I must inform you of the other big news of my week and let's face it sports was going to come up eventually. ESPN College Gameday is at Vanderbilt on Saturday. Yep, I've lived to see one more thing in sports I never thought I would. Now if I could only go to a bowl game this year with the Dores... That'd be cool (hint). Vandy hasn't been bowling since '82 by the way. I didn't start pulling for Vandy until '90. Maybe this is year. For those wondering the things I never thought I'd see: Falcons in the Super Bowl ('98), Vandy beating Tennessee in football ('05), Wofford baseball winning the '07 SoCon Tourney, Getting an all expenses paid trip to Montana for a football game...that Wofford won, . Those are just a few.

See you in a month!

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