Monday, October 27, 2008

Another big event in Wedding Land...

Our engagement photos are on-line! Whooo! After all the trouble a few weeks earlier - I thought we'd never get this off our to-do list.

Well at least a sneak peak was posted today. We started at the famous octagon church, called McBee Chapel in Conestee, SC and then moved to the old G-Braves stadium. .

After all the issues with the first few phone calls, we were blessed to find a kind worker who let us in to take a few key shots. I got the picture that I've always wanted from day one...a kiss on the pitcher's mound.

Then we were off to Lake Lure where Lenny and I had our second date. It's a beautiful place and where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed. Overall it was perfection! So excited!

Photo Credit: Olivia Griffin Photography


Sabrina said...

What a great shot! Olvia's work is so beautiful - thanks for sharing!

Grits said...

Y'all look gorgeous! ;-)