Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm stalking Weather.Com

Not going to lie – I am really frustrated with Mother Nature.

According to The Weather Channel, it’s going to rain tomorrow ALL day. I should not be shocked by this last minute change of plans. Lenny proposed during a tornado like storm; our engagement party was during another rain storm so why on earth should I ask for beautiful weather on Wednesday for our engagement photos?

I must be asking too much from the wedding powers above. I guess I should expect rain on every major occasion that deals with our wedding including the big day itself.

To say we can “reschedule” is very simple to say but very (very) hard to do during the month of October. Why? Because everyone else has the bright idea of going to the mountains when the leaves change and everyone is trying to beat the daylight savings time.

It’s events like this that is going to drive me bananas.

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Grits said...

Good luck with your photos!