Thursday, April 2, 2009

"And it only took six days!"

Our favors are half-way done! Can you tell that I'm slightly excited. Here are a few photos (please excuse the messy kitchen) of the progress.

What's left after 44 peeled apples.

Only 10 hours into the process

Getting excited about canning!

The large contraption on the left is our new Steam Canner.

Having a Martha Stewart moment. Thanks Leslie for the apron.

The applebutter getting a steam bath.

The LAST can and it only took 6 days!

Inspired by my late grandmother, I associate apple butter with East Tennessee where my family is from and where this constant transplant considers home. It was easy to do and actually fun as well as educational. Now I know how to “can” for the future – watch out Farmer’s Market.


Heather said...

YUM!!! Nothing better than homemade apple butter!

Angel said...

I thought you were insane when you said you were doing this but it turned out awesome. You rock it Martha Jr!

Grits said...

That looks awesome! Good job y'all! :-)