Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Georgia, Boxes, Oh My!

Busy, BUSY, weekend! First, Lenny and I traveled down to Statesboro, Georgia for Anna's wedding. We had a fabulous time and I'll post more pictures soon. I loved how relaxed and laid back her wedding was - she wanted people to have a great time and they did.

I also moved yesterday (Thanks Dad and Mom!) and currently am living out of boxes. Since 2004, I've moved five times so I should be used to it but this time it was different. I finally moved into a house that I'm going to share with my future husband in 32 short days.

Caption: Anna and her dad. Doesn't she look stunning?

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Grits said...

So glad y'all could make it! I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. Can't wait to see your big day in a few weeks!