Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On the bitter bus...

Today, the bitter bus showed up at work and I decided to hop on after my phone call to the city of Greenville.

A little background for you all on what turned my smile upside down. I had my heart set on taking my engagement pictures in the Greenville Municipal Stadium since that was where Lenny and I worked together nine years ago.

So I have called the city off and on over the last few weeks trying to locate the person in charge (more importantly the person with the key) that could let us in to take a few shots. Unfortunately, I was transferred to unromantic individual who got up on the wrong side of the bed today. I was informed that I was “insane” to want to use the stadium since the city decided not to take care of it and it’s been “wasting away” for the last three years. (Note – her words not mine)

Insane? Hopeless romantic yes….baseball fantastic (more my FiancĂ© than I)…okay agreed but insane…umm not so much.

So thank you city of Greenville for squashing my dreams of some cute engagement photos in a stadium that was a help to the Mauldin community and not the eyesore that you have let it become. Needless to say I’m a little bitter and have added “engagement picture location” back to my always growing “to-do” list.


Grits said...

Some people just don't understand nostalgia or sentimental attachments to things/places! I hope your search turns up an even better place to take your engagement photos. :-)

twyla said...

i can totally be the lookout if we need to jump over fences or whatever ... and in case something goes sour ... i've got a lawyer on retainer