Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Going to the Chapel...

Today was a big day for Lenny and me as we went to our first per-marriage counseling session. We decided to start early since his busy time of the year will kick-off in a few weekends with the Carolina Panthers coming into town. One thing I have learned over the years is not to mess with a man and his sporting events. So on a pretty day in July, we sat down with our minister, Rev. Luther Rickenbaker, to discuss our future as a married couple.

Can I tell you that I was nervous?

Even though we’re both members of the church and we adore Rev. Rickenbaker, each Sunday, I felt that this particular meeting was much bigger than a typical meeting with your church minister. Like I was ending my “childhood” and entering a new stage of life but this time I wasn’t alone as I was when starting college or my career.

This time I was with someone.

So there we were, sitting in our 171 year old church office recounting the last eight years like a love story scenes from when “Harry Met Sally” and it hit me that “Wow…we have done a lot in the last eight years!”

I guess you don’t realize how far you have come, until you take a minute to reflect on the moments that have made you the person that you are today. Only 317 days…..

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