Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They say opposites attract...

Ever heard that?

Opposites attract, that is?

First off, before I go further, it's the 30th which means we're 10 months from W day and Lenny is back in control of the blog for his once-a-month entry.

The concept of opposites attracting has some validity. I'm sure you know some people who are completely different. He's a sports guy. She's into - well whatever girls are into that isn't sports. He likes fried chicken. She likes sushi. He likes beer. She likes cosmos. He's into t-shirts and workout shorts. She's into prim and proper at all times. Just examples, this isn't us.

The cool thing about Amanda and I is that we have a little bit of both.

For certain things, we are totally opposite people. For one simple example, I am perfectly content going home after work, watching just about any sporting event known to man or stupid "Will Ferrell" style movie. (And falling asleep while watching it generally.)

Amanda, on the other hand, is content going home after work, watching just about any female TV channel known to woman or a black and white movie on AMC/TCM.

So we don't like the same things, that's great because it exposes to what makes us individuals. I, for example, purposely watched about 30 minutes of a silent film from 1922 last month. Why? Because the TV was already on TCM. She, just this week, got the pleasure of watching "Old School" (ironic eh? think on it) for the first time...because there was no sporting event on I wanted to watch.

See, we broaden each other's horizons. There are many better examples, however I can't think of them right now.

Amanda has introduced me to art. The chances of me going to an art gallery before Amanda were about that of a zebra taking residence in the backyard here in Converse Heights. Possible, I suppose. But not very probable.

I would say I introduced Amanda to the fine art of baseball, but we met at a baseball stadium so that can't work. I would like to think I have helped her understanding and enjoyment of sports in some way.

Take this to another level. We have lots in common, such as we enjoy our work. We are both event planners.

So...get two event planners together and thankfully they have accomplished much toward the wedding so that now - for the next few weeks - we can satisfy our workaholicsm.

Amanda is involved in no less than 17 things at once right now and I am wrapped up in getting ready for another year of college athletics.

But as two event planners forging down this path together, we understand our limitations. We understand the time contraints and the pride we take in our work. Most importantly, we understand that our work is a point.

That is what we have in common. So by having so much in common, we can understand how exposing each other to our differences make us more well-rounded people.

Remember, before you're a couple, you're just two individuals who happen to meet. And if you can figure out a way to keep your individuality while co-existing (and enjoying) life as a couple then you're onto something.

We're onto something.

And have been for 8+ years...

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