Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are you straight with me?

As an event planner I deal with all sorts of people on a regular basis. Some polite, some not-so-polite and some that should wear at tidy, little white jacket.

Nine times out of ten, I get to work with wonderful and helpful people. They go above and beyond to make sure the event goes smoothly. I never have to worry about their staff and the only thing that I need in order to “sweeten” a deal (when pleading for a good price) is a coffee from Starbucks. And on average, I’m planning an event once a month for work for a group I'm helping fund raise for, so needless to say….I “hang out” with the vendors a good bit.

It has amazed me over the course of the last few months how that happy-go-lucky attitude changes once you use the “w” word with your event.

Wedding = Brainless chick who will spend any amount on anything.This is an equation that I knew nothing about. Apparently it was lost in the owner’s manual that came with my ring.

I had used the term “I will walk from this deal right now if you not stop!” to a DJ who would not be quite this past Saturday. He freaked when I wanted to actually read the contract that I had to sign. I had not followed the norm of past brides and whipped out my check book and signe the dotted line. That's not how I do things - sorry. I just wanted to read the fine print…I mean don’t they say that on all those late night TV lawyer commercials?

Now, I'm starting to think that the “crazy” woman on Bridezilla is not really that much out of touch with reality as I first thought…

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