Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If I had a million dollars...

WE has turned Sunday into a “We-go-bridal” day full of fun, exciting…and sometimes annoying shows about brides in their planning for the big day.

While impressed as I am with some of the weddings from “Platinum Weddings” in which a bride will spend up to one million dollars to have it her way, I do stop and think – seriously?

If I had a random million dollars hanging around in my bank account, I assure you that I would not waste it on renting an elephant so my future husband can have his grand entrance for our wedding day. I mean...I’m sure we could find a nice Llama.

It's okay, you can call me boring but I’d probably save it, wait until I had more money until I could buy my own island and an elephant for my husband if he wanted one.

It makes one wonder how much of this “reality” is true as they say and how much is spun for TV. And who in their right minds of respectable high society would call a cable network to get on a show like this? While I still enjoy the show - I mean it’s not my money they’re spending – I can not stop smiling and thinking in the back of mind “fools.”

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