Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Not So Shady Cake Lady...

Approximately at 8:30 a.m. this morning I finally got to meet the “Shady Cake Lady” at a laundry mat. It was like meeting Santa Clause at the mall as I originally thought she was an urban legend.

Now, I know it is rude to call one “Shady” but hey – I didn’t nickname her but I will say she (for this post let’s calls her Ethel) was actually a nice, well organized woman. The woman has 20 years of experience, lives in the mountains with her own bakery and makes about 4to 8 wedding cakes a week. “Ethel” rocked my world.

How much sugar does one have in their household to make EIGHT wedding cakes in one week?!? I wonder if she’s given up sugar all together – I mean after 20 years of baking, I’d probably be unable to look at that white stuff if I was not getting paid.

I was slightly in shock and I think my finance was as well.

It was refreshing to finally meet someone who was not after your wallet and actually wants something nice for your event, wedding or otherwise. Ironically tonight as I described my experience to my friend Amanda, I found out she used her as well. She was post trunk but pre laundry mat experience. She actually got to meet her at her house…so the “Shady Cake Lady” concept is losing its edge. Right now I’m trying to think of a more positive nickname…maybe “Little Ol’ Cake Lady” or “SLC” for short? Thoughts?

My goal with each vendor is to get three quotes (my job would be so proud) to compare cost. Yes, it sounds cheesy but I actually have received a few deals that way when the vendor realizes that you’re talking to the competition. Ask and you shall receive.

On a positive note, I did meet with the fabulous Kerin who is helping me with my overall wedding theme of “Oh Happy Day” which my fiancé and I came up with five days after we were engaged. It is an extremely happy day for us and while we (okay I) can be the sappy emotional one in the pair, our wedding day is a step into the next chapter of our lives together.

And with that…the fabulous video from Sister Act II just to get you in the mood.

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twyla said...

So - Can she make a wms-brice cake? Or perhaps a cock-aboose cake? :)