Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shady Cake Lady - Part II

We had the second meeting with the Shady Cake Lady. I know…I know but we thought we give this vendor one more shot and actually taste her cakes. Our meeting place you ask? A dark alley, the laundry mat…no it was actual her home!

I know, you may have gasped.

I did to and was way too excited for my own good as I traveled the two lane road to our potential “Cake Lady’s” house. My dear finance and I spent a wonderful hour at her beautiful ranch home, picked up our samples of Italian Crème and French Crème goodness and headed for G-Vegas (otherwise known as Greenville) for a impromptu family tasting.

Her cakes were FABULOUS!!!

So after meeting with four other vendors, we officially have booked the famous “Shady Cake Lady” for our big day. Consider it another check off the to-do list and now on to flowers as I channel Martha Stewart.

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