Monday, June 30, 2008

It's my turn now

Hello friends in cyberspace. Tonight’s episode in blogland is written by Lenny. The other half of this dynamic duo as it were.

I wouldn’t get real comfy reading my accounts of life. The opportunity was afforded tonight and I’m giving it a shot. However, I get the real sense that Amanda is actually fairly worried about what it is I’m going to write. Love it! I figure if I do well enough to be invited back once a month, I’ll be doing good.

I’m not a blog rookie, I keep up my own sports blog (shocker, eh?) at See if you can even find them on the newly (terribly) redesigned site.

We’re exactly 11 months from the big day and I thought I would share a few thoughts with you.

A. The “Shady” Cake Lady is far from shady. She’s a very sweet lady who makes terrific cake. Actually those who coined the term years ago did it tongue in cheek, so realize that we put quotes around it for a reason. There’s nothing shady about that lady.
B. But even if there was something shady, I’d still eat her cake.
C. It is possible to pass Strossner’s Bakery in Greenville 11 times in a day and not buy a piece of cake. BUT we probably found the groom’s cake. Maybe I’ll have a chance to tell that story to you one day. Look at me – “the groom’s cake” um, newsflash, that’s me.
D. I get the sense that when people ask you “So how are the plans going?” they expect us to say that we are still searching for just about everything. And when we tell people that we have most of the main pieces in place there an “oh, wow, you’re on top of it.” (Rightfully so people say that to Amanda, not me.) Folks, we’re event planners by trade. This event just happens to be ours.
E. If after May 30, 2009, I never see another minute of the TV network WE, I will be just fine. As it is, my "man-card" is on probation I think.
F. And finally, I’ve been asked about 3 times if the Wofford t-shirt gun will appear at any point during the reception. That is for me to know, and you to find out.

I’ll leave you with this quick story. I know in my heart that many of our friends have been pulling for us to get hitched for a long time. Two in fact have expressed this idea in a very creative way. In our *ahem* years of dating I have been to my share of weddings. Unlike Amanda, I have only served in one. At that reception, Tim, went through the motions of the garter toss. Only rather than tossing the garter, he did his best quarterback pump fake and chased me down to jam the garter in my pants pocket. Fast forward to last year and doggone if the same thing didn’t happen again when Marc, husband of one of my co-workers Elizabeth, jammed her garter in my pocket.

Now, I can’t think of a more public display of someone saying, man to man, you’ve got yourself a great girl, time to come down our road. And they're right.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share a view from “the other side.” Maybe we can do this again in a month. I’ll let you plead my case to Amanda. :)

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