Saturday, June 14, 2008

Got Milk?


What a bustling, don’t-know-where-the-time-went, type of morning we had today. Meetings after meetings full of sugar and sweets – yum.

Who knew that you could eat so much cake at 10 in the morning? I mean…there’s always room for cake (or is that Jell-O)?

We are still in the process of finalizing our official “cake lady” and met with a wonderful woman in Greenville this morning. For fun (and since I nicknamed the last one) we’ll call her “Sweet Cake Lady” as she was indeed like her cakes, sweet.

As well as patient as we arrived a tad late to our appointment since it was actually 45 minutes away from my home and not 35 minutes as stated via Google Maps. But to be honest, if I was actually on time it would be a shock to everyone who actually knows me. Oh, well we made it there and met the rest of TEAM BRIDE, also known as my mother and middle sister.

Impressed by the mounds of sugar...I mean cakes...which were located in “Sweet Cake Lady’s” shop, TEAM BRIDE enjoyed strawberry cream pound cake, peach cream pound cake, white chocolate cake, caramel nut cake and lemon cake. Drooling yet? It was perfect for a “Got Milk?” TV commercial as we had all that cake and no milk!

No worries. I ate anyways and ignored the little voice of reason yelling “remember your diet!” in the back of my mind and made a mental promise to hit the workout routine later tonight. Still need to do that...

Again, it was oh so good.

Next was an impromptu to another bakery and a third meeting with a “cake lady” which earned the nickname of “Savvy Cake Lady” for our excursion. My fiancé really wants a special cake design that was done for the Greenville Braves (a double A minor league baseball team that is now the Mississippi Braves for those who, like me, are not up to speed on all our random sports trivia). Amazingly, we walked in the store and asked if they still by chance have the design from 1998. Long shot right?


“Savvy Cake Lady” found our little running baseball man in seconds flat and came make our grooms cake. I’ll try to post a photo of it as soon as I can find it on the internet. Got to love amazing “cake ladies...”


jerin13 said...

So the question becomes, are you going to do the full G-Braves b-day cake, or are you just going to use the design? :)

Green Tea Belle said...

We're thinkign of using the 1998 running baseball man design. I was shocked that they still had it!

twyla said...

that is too funny! please call me for your next cake testing, i promise to bring milk ... :)